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Best Wedding Dance Tips

Updated: May 7, 2020

Here are some of the best wedding dance tips for you

1. Have your song picked out by your first lesson. Or if you are not sure, bring in your top 2 or 3 songs and your instructor can help guide you to the song that would work best for dance.

2. Try to keep your wedding dance around 3 minutes. The key is to keep your guests engaged and entertained the entire time. Keep it short, sweet and impressive!

3. Be sure to bring your wedding shoes to your lessons. This is especially important for the ladies! Dancing in heels is totally different than dancing in flats. You don’t want any surprises on your big day, so bring and practices in your shoes (or comparable shoes if you are worried about marking them up). Men can also benefit from rehearsing in their dress shoes. We find that many men’s shoes are slippery on a wood floor, so it’s always a good idea to take them for a test drive.

4. Practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the greater your confidence and smoother your movements will be. Knowing your dance really well will make it look cleaner and more natural. Plus you will have more fun on the day knowing you can relax and not worry about your first dance. If you can, practice in shoes that are similar to the ones you will be wearing on your wedding day.

5. If you make a mistake just keep dancing, don’t stop moving! The chances are that only you will know it happened. Just relax, breath, recover and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience that is your first wedding dance.

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