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Are you planning your dream wedding?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Are you planning your dream wedding?

Are you getting married in 2021?

What about your wedding dance?

Our goal is to make you feel confident dancing at your wedding by teaching you dance moves that are achievable and fun. Lack of dance experience is no reason not to have a beautiful wedding dance and learning to dance with your special person is a fun and romantic way to spend time together.

Are you getting married early 2021 and worry it's too late to prepare your wedding dance?

Don't worry, we can still help! We are offering wedding dance lessons at the dance studio or in the privacy of your own home all over Perth and we keep going even during the Christmas season. Just give us a call on 0431540142 or email

"Last Minute" Package

One lesson $90 at the dance studio, or $100 mobile

Get the guidance you need for a memorable first dance and basic moves.

"Simple but Impressive" Package

Three lessons $240 at the dance studio, or $270 mobile

Includes a fully, simple, but impressive, choreographed dance to your chosen song with entrance and lifts and dips.

"Extra Special Choreo" Package

Five lessons $350 at the dance studio, or $400 mobile

Includes a fully choreographed dance with more advanced moves, entrance and lifts and dips or even a dance with more than one song, a "mash up" of songs and styles, or for some extra polish and additional styling of your dance.

Most couples have 3 lessons for a fully choreographed dance

All lessons are 60 minutes long. At the end of each lesson, we recommend to take a video and practice the moves in between lessons.


Inga Haas School of Dance Logo

Former World Amateur Latin Champion
Coach / Teacher / WDC Adjudicator
Mobile 04315 40142


Latin/Ballroom/Wedding/Dance Classes age 6+

Mobile Wedding Dance Lessons in 

Perth/Fremantle/Margaret River/Dunsborough/Busselton

Mobile Wedding Dance Lessons

Perth / Fremantle / Busselton / 

Margaret River / Dunsborough


Classes And Private Dance Lessons

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