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Choose your first dance song/s and dance style

Choose your favorite song for your first dance, or even better, make a list of a variety of songs that you would like to use for your wedding dance. Since the song determines the dance style, each song may require a different dance and the dance teacher can help you to choose one of them, show you what the different dance styles are like, and how they fit with your favorite songs. If you haven’t chosen your bridal dance song/s yet, the dance teacher can help you with suggestions

How long should your first dance be?

The optimum time for a first dance should be around 2-2:30 minutes long, however, many of the most popular first dance songs are over 4 minutes long. Although 4 minutes does not seem to be a long time, when you are the only couple on the dance floor it can seem an eternity. Therefore, it’s best to consider inviting your bridal party or guests onto the dance floor after the 2.5 minute mark to keep everyone engaged. You can also start the song before you walk out onto the dance floor to use up some of the time at the beginning of the music or get the song cut to a shorter version.

When it’s best to start your private dance lessons?

3 months would be ideal, or even earlier, as the last few weeks before your wedding can get pretty hectic. More time is always better, but no time is too little. However, if you left it to the last minute, you can still learn the basics of a simple dance. Couples are usually able to dance the basics of a dance to music within one lesson. If you plan to have a fully choreographed individual dance to your song, depending how fancy you like it to be, 3 to 5 lesson will be needed. For a mashup of more than one song, consider 5+ lessons.

Consider the size of the dance floor at your wedding venue or home

The dance teacher can take the size of the dance floor in consideration for your wedding dance choreography.

Practice your wedding dance in similar shoes you'll be wearing for your wedding.

Practice in your wedding shoes or shoes with a similar heel at your last few lessons as switching from flat shoes to high heels can be harder than you think.

Where to take wedding dance lessons

At the dance studio or if you're short on time or don't want the hassle of driving to a dance school, clear a space in your living room and book a dance teacher to come to your house or workplace. Wedding dance lessons are set for dates and times that suit you and your lifestyle.

At Inga Haas School of Dance we offer both, private lessons at the dance studio or mobile wedding dance lessons in the comfort of your own home.

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