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How Many Wedding Dance Lessons?

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Here are a few wedding dance videos from some of our beautiful couples that we were lucky to meet and help with their first wedding dance. Most of them said they had two left feet when we first met them! We didn't think so and proved them wrong😊! We are proud of all of them and love watching their heart warming performances. Beautiful and special memories💕!

One of the most frequently asked question we usually get, is "How many dance lessons do we need for our wedding"? This is not a question, easily to be answered, since it depends on so many things like if you have any dance experience or not (most wedding couples never danced together before), the song, which plays a big part in the choice of dance style, the length of music, the choreography you like to dance, the size of the dance floor and many more things.

However, the majority of couples have three lessons and some have five, as can be seen in the title of our wedding dance videos in this playlist. We are happy to cater for all levels, from beginners to experienced dancers, music and dance styles, from easy to advanced choreography. Even just one last minute lesson at the studio or mobile, in your home, will make sure, you won't be just swaying from side to side, endlessly, for the whole song! With an easy, but nice entrance and a dip or lift, or both, at the end of your wedding dance, we are sure that your guests will be impressed and love watching you swirl around the floor, enjoying yourselves!

For more details about our wedding dance lessons at the dance studio or mobile, in Perth +40km, please check out our FAQ Wedding Dance Page here:

Or go straight to our special offer and book a free wedding dance consultation online here:

Happy Dancing😊

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