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FAQ Wedding Dance

How many wedding dance lessons do we need?

The answer to this depends in general on what you are looking for. If you are just looking at learning the basics of one dance, one lesson should be fine. However, most couples like their individual choreography to their chosen song and for a simple routine you will probably need 3 lessons and a more spectacular one around 5 lessons. Easiest dance styles are Waltz, Foxtrot/Slow Rhythm and Salsa. For a mash up of more than one dance I recommend minimum of 5 lessons and more practice time between lessons.

Watch some of our past wedding dance couples perform their dance here: 

When is it best to start your wedding dance lessons?

Two to three months would be ideal, or even earlier, as the last few weeks before your wedding can get pretty hectic. More time is always better, but no time is too little. However, if you left it to the last minute, you can still learn the basics of a dance. Couples are usually able to dance the basics of a dance in one lesson. 

How much do wedding dance lessons cost?

Our wedding dance lesson packages are:


"Last Minute" Package

One lesson $90 at the dance studio, or $100 mobile

Get the guidance you need for a memorable first dance and basic moves.


"Simple but Impressive" Package

Three lessons $240 at the dance studio, or $270 mobile

Includes a fully, simple, but impressive, choreographed

dance to your chosen song with entrance and lifts and dips.


"Extra Special Choreography" Package

Five lessons $350 at the dance studio, or $400 mobile

Includes a fully choreographed dance with more advanced moves,

entrance and lifts and dips or even a dance with more than one song,

a "mash up" of songs and styles, or for some extra polish and additional

styling of your dance.

All lessons are 60 minutes long. At the end of each lesson, we

 take a video for you, so you can easily practice the moves or

choreography at home, in between lessons.

Wedding dance package
Wedding dance package

Whereabouts are you located?


Which area do you cover for mobile dance lessons?

For mobile lessons, in the comfort of your own home, we cover Perth/Fremantle/Margaret River/Dunsborough/Busselton area

Do we need any dance experience?

Not at all! The aim is to teach you simple and easy moves that will have your bridal dance looking great, ready for the wedding day.

Wedding dance package

What style of dance should we learn?

The style of dance you should learn depends on your first dance song and your vision for your dance. If you have chosen a song for your first dance, your instructor will be able to listen to it and tell you what styles of dance are suitable.

What days and times can we take lessons?

We teach 7 days a week and our experienced wedding dance teachers can plan your mobile dance lessons at a time to suit you (subject to other bookings and availabilities) or at the dance studio in O'Connor,  

How much space do we need in our home for mobile wedding dance lesson?

Wedding dance package

Most Wedding Dance floors are only around 5 x 5 meters, quite small, and by moving your furniture a little bit, most of you are able to make enough space for your bridal dance lesson with one of our professional,  experienced dance teachers in the comfort of your own home.

What do we do about the music?

We will always have your chosen song ready for the lesson so you don’t have to bring it to the lesson. If you like to use more than one song, we can cut and join several songs for you, free of charge.  If you haven’t decided on your wedding song yet and need some help in choosing one, we have a vast variety of wedding dance song playlists on our YouTube channel which might help you in finding your favourite music.

Inga Haas School of Dance YouTube channel:

How do we make payment?

Wedding dance package

For your convenience, payment can be made online by card
For wedding dance lessons at the dance studio :
For mobile wedding dance lessons :


FAQ by Wedding Dance Teacher

Some info that will help your instructor:


When is the wedding?


What is your time availability for lessons?


What are the approximate dimensions of the dance floor?


Do either of you have any previous dance experience?


Do you have a song, or songs, that you’d like to use?


Do you have a particular dance or movement that you’d like to try?


Do you have any time together between lessons to practice?


What is the audience position relative to dance floor?

Wedding dance package
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Mobile Wedding Dance Lessons in 

Perth/Fremantle/Margaret River/Dunsborough/Busselton

Mobile Wedding Dance Lessons

Perth / Fremantle / Busselton / 

Margaret River / Dunsborough


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