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 Perth and Fremantle

Are you planning your dream wedding? We specialise in creating customised

bridal dances to make your dream come true, catering for the simplest to the

most extravagant routines.

Our focus is to really listen to what you are looking for and to customise your

dance to your style, so that you and your partner can enjoy an unforgettable

moment in the spotlight.


We offer private wedding dance lessons in O'Connor and Palmyra

Location details:





For your convenience, we also offer mobile wedding dance lessons

in the comfort of your own home, in all areas of Perth and Fremantle.

For mobile wedding dance lessons please click here:


Make your First Dance the highlight of your Wedding Day

Our wedding dance lessons are designed for all skill levels, including beginners.


Our goal is to make you feel confident dancing at your wedding by teaching you dance moves

that are achievable and fun. Lack of dance experience is no reason not to have a beautiful

wedding dance and learning to dance with your special person is a fun and romantic way

to spend time together.


The experience dancing for the first time as a married couple will be one of the most magical

moments at your wedding. And the benefits of learning to dance extend beyond your wedding

as you’ll be able to dance together for the rest of your lives! 

We also know that not everyone wants and desires the same style when it comes to their

special first dance.  

While some couples want a fully choreographed routine with all the bells and whistles or

a mash up of more than one song, others would much rather have a dance that is toned down

a bit with a more elegant and intimate feel.  


We have taken all of this into account and are dedicated to delivering a dance

that is unique to you. 

Winsome and Edward performing their beautiful wedding dance. Three lessons only, incredible!!!!

Why consider dance lessons for your

Wedding Dance?


1)  It can take the edge off your first dance nerves

2)  It will ensure your first dance is memorable and not just four

     minutes of swaying from side to side.

3)  It can make you feel confident

4)  Your first dance can be the ice breaker of your wedding party

5)  It’s actually quite fun and taking dance lessons together, learning

     a new skill, will bond your relationship even further

6)  Your first dance can be as simple as you like it to be

7)  You can surprise and impress your friends and family

8)  Lessons can be taken in the dance studio or in the comfort of

     your own home

9)  There is a huge variety of dances that can be used as a wedding

      dance from a traditional Waltz to a hot Salsa

10)  The dance teacher can help you choose your first song.

Watch some of our wedding dance couples perform their first dance and find out how many lessons they had

How much do wedding dance lessons cost?


Our wedding dance lesson packages are:


"Last Minute" Package One lesson

$90 at the dance studio, or $100 mobile Get the guidance you need for a memorable first dance and basic moves.


"Simple but Impressive" Package Three lessons

$240 at the dance studio, or $270 mobile Includes a fully, simple, but impressive, choreographed dance to your chosen song with entrance and lifts and dips.


"Extra Special Choreography" Package Five lessons

$350 at the dance studio, or $400 mobile Includes a fully choreographed dance with more advanced moves, entrance and lifts and dips or even a dance with more than one song, a "mash up" of songs and styles, or for some extra polish and additional styling of your dance.


All lessons are 60 minutes long. At the end of each lesson, we take a video for you, so you can easily practice the moves or choreography at home, in between lessons. Whereabouts are you located? Location for wedding dance lessons at the studio in O'Connor  www.ingahaas.com.au/o-connor

or in Palmyra  www.ingahaas.com.au/palmyra

Lesson Fees are:

One lesson $90

Three lessons $240

Five lessons $350

Make Your First Dance
The Highlight Of Your Wedding Day 

Book your free consultation here

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