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Your First Dance

We can choreograph your first dance to your chosen song in no time, either at the dance studio or in privacy of your own home. There are so many dances and songs to choose from..... whether you prefer a traditional Viennese Waltz, Slow Rhythm, Rumba, or something different like a Salsa  to get the party moving....the choice is yours!


Why consider dance lessons for your wedding dance?


1) It can take the edge off your first dance nerves

2) It will ensure your first dance is memorable and not just four minutes of swaying from side to side.

3) It can make you feel confident

4) Your first dance can be the ice breaker of your wedding party

5) It’s actually quite fun and taking dance lessons together, learning a new skill, will bond your relationship even further

6) Your first dance can be as simple as you like it to be

7) You can surprise and impress your friends and family

8) Lessons can be taken in the dance studio or in the comfort of your own home

9) There is a huge variety of dances that can be used as a wedding dance from a traditional Waltz to a hot Salsa

10) The dance teacher can help you choose your first song

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Fees are:

One hour $90  

Package of 3 lessons $240

Package of 5 lessons $350 

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Why choose Inga Haas School of Dance for your Wedding Dance?


I have been dancing Ballroom and Latin all my life, since the age of 6, competing and teaching all over the world. Dance teaching is not just a job for me, but my passion and life.

My experience includes over 20 years of teaching students of all levels, from beginners to international dance competitors.


Whether it’s a first dance lesson, a beginner or advanced class or coaching a professional dance couple, every lesson is just as important to me and I take pride in student’s achievements after each lesson. It’s a privilege for me to have the opportunity of helping couples to make their wedding day even more special!


No lesson will be referred to a student teacher and all choreographies, (which I love creating), are prepared before lessons, personalised to your chosen song/s and making sure it’s a perfect routine for your music and liking.


It doesn’t matter if you choose a very easy dance or a more advanced routine, my speciality is to make sure your dance will look great, exciting, and very likely become the “ice breaker” of your wedding party.


All wedding couples are allowed, and encouraged, to take a video at the end of each lesson, so that they can practice their steps at home and not forget them, therefore not having to take a lot more lessons. So you will be saving time and money too!


A lot of couples just need around 3 private lessons for a great first dance. However, if you need, or like, more lessons once you had your third lesson, you can upgrade to the 5 lesson package and still make use of the reduced price per lesson for it, by just “topping up” to the the 5 lesson package fee.


Lessons can be taken at various locations in Perth and you are welcome to book a non-binding  free consultation with me at a suitable time for you. You can contact me per email : or call 04315 40142.

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