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Is dancing just for girls?

In countries and cultures across the globe, males dancing is normal and part of their culture. But in some countries where there isn’t a rich dance history, there are higher numbers of boys in sports such as football and rugby.

Dancing in Australia is often still considered a feminine activity and many parents never even consider dance classes for their sons because they think it’s only for girls and of no use for them. Therefore, often boys get influenced to pick a sport, considered as “masculine”.

This kind of reasoning is very superficial because you can actually be a great dancer and be very masculine at the same time.

If children and teens want to find out what their talent is, (and sometimes it’s not football or rugby, but dancing), it is very important not to pass on prejudices that limit their development. Boys can benefit from dancing just as much as girls do!

Dance Sport competitors, like in any other sport, have to go through intense physical and mental training in order to master skills and be ready to perform at competitions. Dance training on a higher level includes routine daily practices for several hours and requires a high level of athleticism.

Many individuals that spectate or dance socially often underestimate the physical attributes and demands of ballroom dancing. In order to compete at a world level, elite competitive dancers undergo rigorous training to help and enhance their competition performance.

Some additional benefits for boys dancing are……

1}Since in competitive Ballroom Dancing, a boy and a girl work together as a couple from an early age, it teaches leadership and allows boys to learn how to communicate with girls, learn to work in a team, developing leadership skills and a desire for victory.

2)Ballroom Dancing teaches boys how to respect girls with discipline and courtesy

3)Competitive Ballroom dancing teaches trust because the dance couples must rely on each other

4)Being a Ballroom Dancer offers a unique identity that isn't directly attached to a school clique. This can ease the pressure and can build confidence for them as an individual rather than copying or trying to impress their peers.

For this and many more reasons, if your boys (or girls) are interested in dancing, we offer a free trial class for newcomers! No harm in giving it a try and then make up your mind!

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