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Why consider dance lessons for your wedding?

Updated: Jan 10

1) Dance lessons can take the edge off your first dance nerves

2) It will ensure your wedding dance is memorable and not just four minutes of swaying from side to side.

3) It can make you feel confident

4) Your first dance can be the ice breaker of your wedding party

5) It’s actually quite fun and taking dance lessons together, learning a new skill, will bond your relationship even further

6) Your wedding dance can be as simple as you like it to be

7) You can surprise and impress your friends and family

8) Dance lessons can be taken in the dance studio or in the comfort of your own home

9) There is a huge variety of dances that can be used as a wedding dance from a traditional Waltz to a hot Salsa

10) The dance teacher can help you choose your first dance and wedding song

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