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Do you have a partner who is reluctant to take dance lessons for your wedding? Here are the best tips to get him or her onto the dance floor:

1. Let him/her pick the song. If you don’t like the choice, do a mashup of songs, so that both of you can choose one for an awesome mash up, like starting with an elegant dance, maybe Waltz or Foxtrot first and then transition to something epic, that no one is expecting.

2. Tell your mom or dad that you want dance lessons as a gift for the bridal shower or your birthday. Slip the dance lessons on your wedding registry.

3. Just ask him/her to take only a free half hour trial lesson and let them know that if they hate it you will never ask again. With some partners, you have to drag them in, but before long, you have to drag them out.

4. Let your partner know how important this is to you. If it is really important to you, they may be more willing to give it a shot.

5. Bring up the fact that swaying from side to side on the dance floor during your first dance can be very boring, and that you could really WOW your friends and family with an easy but fabulous wedding dance.

6. Tell him/her that your first dance can be the “ice breaker” of your wedding party.

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