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Your first dance at your wedding reception is the one detail you shouldn’t leave to chance. Here are the top 8 reasons:

1. The First Dance has a very important function. It signifies to your guests that the dance floor is open, you’re shifting gears and the reception is about to move into party-mode. If you want a packed dance floor then you need a First Dance.

2. All of your friends and family want to have a good time at your wedding, and, more specifically, they want to see that you’re having a good time. Let them celebrate for you and with you.

3. Your first dance is your one moment together, just the two of you. It might very well be the only time you get to be alone together during the whole wedding reception.

4. The entire wedding is meant to be an expression of your bond together and the first dance is your opportunity to showcase what makes you unique. Let your guests see how connected and supportive you are with each other. Your relationship is unique, and your first dance is a great way to express the way you bring out the best in each other.

5. Make a date out of your dance lessons. Wedding planning can be stressful. Take time out every week leading up to your wedding to just enjoy each other’s’ company.

6. Opting to take lesson to learn a beautiful, thoughtful first dance isn’t just about learning steps. It’s about connecting with your future spouse on a new level and learning how to express what’s unique about your relationship. After all, this celebration is about you two, as a couple, beginning a new chapter in your lives. In addition, you will learn a skill which you both can share together for the many years you will be married.

7. The First Dance Is a time-honoured tradition. The venue is set, all the planning is done, your guests have arrived and the party is about to start. This concept of honouring the special guests originates back to 16th Century Europe. At these elaborate balls that took place, there would be a guest of honour and they would always partake in the first dance. In this situation, it is still the most important people in the room. Those who are newly married, and celebrating with friends and family. You are honouring your guests by taking the first dance and starting the celebrations.

Whatever kind of dance you like to prepare, we make sure you'll love it and will look awesome on your big day!

We offer lessons at the dance studio and mobile lessons in the comfort of your own home all over Perth and Fremantle.

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