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Wedding Dance Lessons

Make your first dance memorable for you and your guests with our help. Now is the perfect time to start preparing your wedding dance. We love what we do and help to make your day extra special. Learn at the dance studio or in the comfort of your own home; impress both, yourselves and your guests, and have fun in the process! We strive to offer the best value for amazing low fees! To book a free consultation, please email: enquiries@ingahaas.com.au

Your wedding dance lessons can be taken at dates and times that suit you and your lifestyle

How much does it cost? Check out our fabulous prices for you!

For lessons at the dance studio: www.ingahaas.com.au/weddingdancelessons

Mobile lessons in Perth and Fremantle: www.ingahaas.com.au/mobile-wedding-dance-lessons

For great wedding dance tips, ideas, videos and first dance songs, please visit our wedding dance blog: https://www.ingahaas.com.au/blog/categories/weddingdance

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