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Why consider Mobile Wedding Dance Lessons?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021


Convenience of not having to travel to the dance studio when time is short, especially if you are still organising your wedding reception. Therefore saving you lot's of time travelling to and from the dance studio.

Save money on transport and maybe also babysitter costs with our amazingly low mobile dance lesson fees

Weddings are expensive. Mobile Dance Lessons will save you money on transport costs and maybe also babysitter fees. We are able to offer the best mobile dance lesson fees as we have professional instructors near you, South and North of the river in Perth.

Feel more relaxed and therefore learn quicker

Some Wedding Dance couples feel more relaxed at home and therefore learn the personalised Wedding Dance routine quicker.

How much space do you need?

Most Wedding Dance floors at weddings is only around 5 x 5 meters, quite small, and by moving your furniture a little bit (if necessary), most of you are able to make space at home.

Relax and have fun during those busy wedding planning times

Wedding Dance Lessons are fun and relaxing, especially during busy wedding planning times.

Learning a new skill together

Learning a new skill together as future husband and wife will bond your relationship even more. So much fun, some wedding couples continue dancing after their wedding!

How does it work?

You are welcome to book a free consultation appointment with us first at the dance studio to discuss all in details, dance styles, length of dance, music (we can help and recommend songs if you are having difficulties to choose a song, or songs). Alternatively, we will discuss details via email:

We will also consider size of floor when we choreograph your personalised first dance and let you choose if you prefer a more simple, but still, impressive great dance or if you are looking into becoming a youtube sensation:-)!

For bridal dance ideas and tips, please visit our Wedding Dance Blog

Whatever kind of dance you like to prepare, we make sure you'll love it and will look awesome on your big day!

Happy Wedding Dancing:-)

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